We are tucked away from the hustle-bustle of the real world. The privileges that come with being in the middle of 1600 acres of tea plantation, facing more than 100 Himalayan peaks including Mount Kanchenjunga, are aplenty. To this end, our guests have exclusive access to each of the following activities:

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Just a 5 minute drive away from your room, the 360 Point (a view point) gives visitors a stunning, panoramic view of the breathtaking beauty that our tea estate and the surrounding Himalayas offer. One can see more than 100 Himalayan peaks, including Mount Kanchenjunga, spanning 4 countries (India, China, Nepal, Bhutan), the whole of Darjeeling town, vast valleys, several other tea estates, waterfalls, and a variety of flora and fauna from this spot. Needless to say, this view point is a must visit. If the weather is clear, you will see the scenery described above. If it is cloudy, you will have the pleasure of "dining among the clouds", as we call it. We arrange for a picnic lunch at this spot. We also arrange trips here to see sunrise (the sunrise trips are complimentary, unlike the actual picnics).


Cost: Rs. 1,500 per head, includes lunch and car transfers to and fro.


Just 2 hours away from your room, Tonglu is the 3rd highest peak in West Bengal (10,000 ft) and is home to by far the best view point of the Himalayan peaks that is easily accessible by road. From here, you can see 4 of the world's 5 highest mountains (including Everest and Kanchenjunga) right ahead of you. You can almost touch these peaks -- they are so close. The sunrise at Tonglu is spectacular, as you see the peaks changing colours from pink to orange to silver and finally white.


You can see 2 vlogs on Tonglu by clicking here (Vlog 1) and here (Vlog 2).

We arrange for a sunrise trip to Tonglu followed by a picnic breakfast here.

Cost: Rs. 10,000 per couple, includes a meal and car transfers to and fro.



Just 75 minutes away from your room, Tiger Hill is the 4th highest peak in West Bengal (8,600 ft) and is home to the 2nd best motorable view point of the Himalayan peaks. From here, you can see 4 of the world's 5 highest mountains (including Everest and Kanchenjunga) right ahead of you. The sunrise at Tiger Hill is even more spectacular, as you see the peaks changing colours from pink to orange to silver and finally white.


You can see a vlog on Tiger Hill by clicking here. 

We arrange for a picnic breakfast or lunch at this spot.


Cost: Rs. 6,000 per couple, includes a meal and car transfers to and fro.

TEESTA RIVer and lamahatta PICNIC

Situated just 80 minutes away from Singtom is Lamahatta. Lover's Point is a further 30 minutes away. Teesta River is a further 10 minutes away. Our picnic takes you to all 3 and ends with a meal at any of the last 2 places.

Lamahatta: This is stunning hamlet that offers an easy 20 minute uphill trek, amidst spectacular mountain view and pine-dhupi forests, to a sacred lake. Meditate and relax near the lake to rejuvenate and connect with your inner self as well as spend time with your fellow travellers. This excursion is a must-do and takes 1-1.5 hours from the time you start the trek to the time you come back down.

Lover's Point: This is a tiny roadside stopover with a few fruit and snack vendors and the #1 view of rivers in Northeast India (as shown in the photo here). The first sighting of these rivers is a moment you will never forget. This view point is 1500 feet above the rivers.

Teesta River: Triveni, a confluence point of two rivers, Teesta and Rangeet. There is a lovely beach here that makes for a perfect picnic spot (as seen in this photo).


The trip to these places takes you through wonderful stretches of forest, tea estates, villages, etc. and offers spectacular views of Mount Kanchenjunga and 50 other peaks. 

Cost: Rs. 10,000 per couple. This includes a picnic lunch, and the chauffeur-driven car (6-8 hours), depending on the duration of your stopovers.

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Our Bubble Massage Jacuzzi allows you to massage yourself in relaxing, heated water (25 - 40 degrees C) surrounded by 120 soothing, high-powered soothing bubble jets.  The heating system adjusts to fit your personal temperature preference allowing a stress-free spa experience... all while enjoying breathtaking, panoramic views of the Himalayan mountain range from our infinity patio!

Cost: Rs. 500 per head per day (unlimited usage on that day). May not be available in the COVID era.


We are excited to offer our guests the chance to witness the processes that give us tea as we see it in our cups. Each guest is shown how tea is withered, rolled, steamed, fermented, dried and sorted. Each such session lasts between 1–2 hours, depending on the size of the touring group. This tour takes place without operating machines in winter, as no tea is produced during that time, while it takes place with operating during the rest of the year, which is when tea is produced. Furthermore, guests must note that this tour happens early in the morning (usually between 6-8 AM).


Cost: Rs. 2000 per head during the tea production season and Rs. 1000 per head during the off-season for tea production.





Get a first hand experience of tasting the finest Darjeeling teas, as well teas from all other tea-growing regions in India, at our tea tasting session. We teach guests taught how to taste tea, and how to differentiate between different types of teas. The tour comprises 8 different teas, each brewed in 2 different ways, making for a holistic, 16-tea tour experience. Teas of all types, all flushes, all regions, and all tastes are chosen.


Cost: Rs. 1000 per head.




Go out into the tea fields and immerse yourself in the beauty of Darjeeling’s oldest plantations. Not only do guests get to enjoy the breathtaking views on offer, but they also get the opportunity to learn how tea is plucked. 


Cost: Rs. 1000 per head.

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There are 4 trekking paths that are part of the resort area, covering a 1600-acre stretch of land with 22 kilometres of walking distance. Each trekking path offers breathtaking views of the great Himalayan peaks, including the Kanchenjunga, along with other waterfalls, forests, etc. Guests have the option to take a local guide along with a picnic basket, so that they can take a break and enjoy fresh snacks.


Cost: Rs. 1000 per head.


Located 20 minutes away, Darjeeling town hosts a variety of attractions that a tourist should explore. An exhaustive list of these is given here. We arrange transportation to and fro these places. Guests should inform the management if they need to avail our transport services.



Singtom’s cozy setting makes for a great place read some great books and play board games (Monopoly is an in-house favourite, along with Scotland Yard) or cards. Furthermore, we also have a badminton court and a lawn on which you can play some mini-golf. 


Cost: Complimentary