Given that you have booked (or would like to book) a stay with us, we assume you have already read about us. However, in case you have not, please note that we are not a hotel. We are the oldest tea estate in the world where you can walk all day through 1,600 acres of private estate and then return to luxury at night at an affordable price. Our estate covers tea plantations, villages, forests, rivers, flora, fauna and spectacular views (including those of 4 of the 5 highest mountains in the world) that you must enjoy and explore during your stay with us. In reality, these are what you are paying for -- not just a room.

TV and Wi-Fi

TV: Rooms don't have TVs but our common area does.


Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is usually weak at our property due to our location. However, we have observed that Wi-Fi is much better at night, especially in the main living room.

Staff Timings and Dining Hours

Our staff hours are 7 AM - 9 PM. Therefore, our dining hours are 8 AM - 8.30 PM. Should you want to have dinner after 8.30 PM, the dinner will be prepared at 8.30 PM by our service staff, and then re-heated and served to you at the time of your choice after 8.30 PM.


We do not allow guests to tip our staff.



We're 100% Vegetarian

Our premises is 100% vegetarian -- no eggs as well. We do not allow non-vegetarian food from outside to enter our premises.

Approach Road

The last stretch of road from Darjeeling to our property takes about 15 minutes (3 km) to cover. It is a steep, winding road on which a 4x4 (called "4 Wheel Drive") car is recommended.


payments on site

All dues can be paid by card (only Indian cards are accepted), Paytm, or cash (INR only). If you plan to pay using cash, please carry enough cash with you since the nearest ATM is 15 minutes away. Non-Indian guests can pay via PayPal, on which there international cards are also accepted.